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Protected by the Mecsek Mountains, the Roman town Sopianae, evolved here 2000 years ago and by the end of the 3rd century it became the administrative centre of Pannonia. If one glances over the main square of Pecs and the mosque's white-hot stones on a summer day, or walk along the promenade on an early evening amidst the terraces of the cafés and restaurants, and finally take a rest by the fountains at the theatre, you can easily understand why the poet Janus Pannonius, who had been educated on Italian Renaissance, found his home in the Bishop's Castle of Pecs.

There is no other city in Hungary with a stronger resemblance to Italy, so no wonder Pecs is known as the "City of Mediterranean atmosphere", but it’s also the "City of Grapes and Wine", with inhabitants proud of their roots in the vineyards.

The large number of open-air festivals with their southern atmosphere makes Pecs a place loved by tourists, Hungarian as well as foreign. From the Spring Festival to the Pecs Days under the chestnut trees of the Walking Square, to the feasts of the university students, the Festival of Grapes and Wine, the Drinking Song Festival, and the one organized by the National Theatrical Assembly, everything summons the inhabitants and visitors to the streets and squares – Pecs is a wonderful place to celebrate life at.

Hotels in Pecs:

Hotel Mediterran*** (7627 Pecs -Dömörkapu, Hidegvölgyi út 1.)
Hotel Palatinus*** (7621 Pecs, Király u. 5.)
Hotel Patria*** (7621 Pecs, Rákóczi út 3.)
Hunguest Hotel Kikelet*** (7635 Pecs, Károlyi Mihály u. 1.)
Laterum Hotel** (7633 Pecs, Hajnóczy u. 37-39.)
Fenyves Hotel Panorama*** (7625 Pecs, Szőlő u. 64.)
Makár-tanya Wellness Sporthotel (7635 Pecs, Középmakár dülő 4.)
Főnix Hotel** (7621 Pécs, Hunyadi u.2.)